CEO Message

Stage of the Agency

Dear Friends,

It seems these days we don’t get a lot of time to adjust to changes in our lives before something else comes along to shake things up. Right now, a lot of us are adjusting to get our kids or ourselves back to school campuses or back in our offices, and we are waiting to hear what comes next.

That’s why I wanted to share with our staff and Corpsmembers a bit of a forecast (as much as we can predict these days) for how the Corps is looking right now and what we are focusing on. The theme continues to be building resiliency, especially around our community which is still struggling.

I invite you to take 10 minutes and get an update on the State of the Agency.

The work ahead of us is important and will take a team effort. You are part of our team. So, I also invite you to consider ways you want to be a part of the year ahead and let us know.

Your in Service and Gratitude,
Wendy Butts, CEO