Dear Friends, In case you haven’t heard or read on our social media platforms, this is a great time to join the Corps. Thanks to our partnerships with the County of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, and various City Councilmembers, we have multiple opportunities in the year ahead to expand our crews and … Read more

Dear Friends, Did you know that there are 13 other independent, local, nonprofit conservation corps in California and another hundred plus across the country? As we tune into the summer Olympics, I am reminded how nice it is to be part of a team. We each have our style of doing things and our own … Read more

Dear Friends, If you have kids or work with kids or just miss the days of following the school year calendar, then summer might still be the season when you take some time to think about what comes next. At the Corps, it is the start of our new fiscal year and a time to … Read more

Happy Summer, everyone! This week Development Coordinator Jeremy Minter shares a behind the scenes look at one of the amazing community support projects Corpsmembers are working on this summer all over Los Angeles County. Dear Friends, “Being able to see a smile on someone’s face, does it for me!” I hear Corpsmember Barbra say as … Read more

Dear Friends, Last week was another first for the Corps – our first Virtual Luncheon. As some of you may know the Luncheon is a tradition almost as old as the Corps and something we look forward to every year. This week I thought I would share some of the remarks I made during the … Read more

Dear Friends, When the word conservation is in the name of your organization then naturally people are going to ask you, “How are you celebrating Earth Day?” Of course, we love to hear from partners and friends who want to be more intentional about the footprint they leave on our planet and who are ready … Read more

Dear Friends, Once again, I am writing to you with a host of mixed emotions. I imagine you are feeling them, too. We have welcomed a new season, one of rebirth and renewal, and turned the clocks ahead to grab another hour of warming Southern California daylight. We can see hope on the horizon as people … Read more

This week, I wanted you to get to know Da’Lana Walker and the amazing work she does running our After School Program. For over 2 years, this program has been an unsung hero at the Corps, but has had a major impact on thousands of children’s lives. Over the last year, the whole team has … Read more

This week I am turning the figurative mic over to Gaby Jimenez, a long-time staff member and valued colleague, to share some news. Thank you, Wendy Dear Friends, In 2018, The Corps Network, an association for Corps from all over the country, introduced me to their “Moving Forward Initiative.” This initiative seeks to address systemic … Read more

Dear Friends, Did your hearts swell along with mine at the sight of a young Angeleno stepping up to the microphone on Inauguration Day and boldly and beautifully speaking truth to power about the work we all have to do and the signs of hope that we can succeed? Listening to Amanda Gorman deliver the … Read more