Congratulations Class of 2023!

🎓✨ We are incredibly proud to announce that 25 of our dedicated Corpsmembers just graduated high school with the Los Angeles Education Corps! To watch the highlights from this year’s graduation please click here.

35% of the young adults who join us as Corpsmembers do not have their high school diploma when they arrive. Part of our mission is to provide these Corpsmembers with the resources they need in order to finish their education and prepare themselves for a bright future after the Corps.

High school graduation is a significant milestone for many of our Corpsmembers, who often had to drop out of school due to circumstances beyond their control. Italo Merino, one of our Corpsmember graduates, shared, “I was forced to drop out of high school out of necessity. I had to help my family and the Corps allowed me to finish my high school education while getting job training and experience.” Having earned his diploma, Italo is now on track to pursue his dream of becoming an immigration or labor lawyer. He aims to advocate for the underrepresented and be a pillar for communities in need. Italo will be attending Santa Monica College next fall to study prelaw.

In these moments, we are reminded of the importance of access to education. If you would like to help us ensure that future generations of Corpsmembers have the opportunity to walk the graduation stage and receive their diplomas, please consider making a donation at