In Her Own Words

A Corpsmember Builds Confidence through Hard Work, Camaraderie, and New Experiences  

It felt good to join the Corps.   

My previous receptionist jobs weren’t hands-on. The Corps is so different—I never had a job like this. I really got my feet wet and had to grow thick skin. 

At first, it was hard work being out there with the crew. I was working with boys and I felt like I had to work twice as hard. It was hard but worth it.  I couldn’t slack off even a little bit. My supervisor Nora expected so much. She’s a hard worker herself and expects her crew to work just as hard—we are a representation of her. I like that we are so hard working.  

I’ve learned that sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone. I’ve always been really shy. But when you’re working with a team, you’ve got to get to know everybody. I’m grateful for my crew. My coworkers became like family to me. We even have movie nights to spend time together as a crew. 

I took the trip to Manazar State Park with the Corps for three days. It took six hours to get there! The park staff wanted to be able to retrieve artifacts from the land, from when the Japanese were interned there. We worked really hard every day, cutting down trees and clearing the area where the wind had blown everything around. I also learned a little bit of history there about the Japanese community. I’d never been anywhere outside of LA.  The air quality was so nice. When I saw the waterfalls, I almost forgot it was a job. 

I go to night school after work and then take care of my grandmother when I go home. This job is beneficial in many ways. It helps you with your personal life. The Corps helps you with different programs, with your bills, with things you need for your children. 

I’ve learned a lot at the Corps already: responsibility, team work, taking initiative, and that sometimes you have to carry the whole team on your back. You have to put in 100% effort. This is something I can add to my resume. I’ve learned I’m versatile. I can work with myself, I can work with a crew. My supervisors push me forward to work harder and go farther. My crew believes it’s important to do difficult things and get the job done. 

Being a part of the Corps makes it easy for you to succeed. When you walk into this job, you quickly learn it’s not just a job, it’s an experience. 

—Corpsmember Ka’Jane, age 18