Corpsmembers have COVID-19 questions answered via Corps podcasts

Thanks to the innovative vision of CEO Wendy Butts, the Corps has utilized technology to inform Corpsmembers and the community about how to stay healthy, safe and informed around issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are utilizing our web site, YouTube channel, SoundCloud channel, and social media to spread informative messages about how we are adjusting to these challenged times.

The Corps is busy working in our community still today. As has happened in the past, the Corps has been called on by the California governor to be at the front lines to support emergency response, this time to the COVID-19 pandemic. And as always, the safety and security of our Corpsmembers is a top priority. With that in mind, we have been reaching out to Corpsmembers and staff, asking them to share their questions and concerns about the Corona virus. In response, we have been interviewing healthcare professionals, and digitally recording them answering the questions we’ve collected from our Corps family. They are available here for you.

Listen in to our podcasts


Melissa Morgan, Marketing Manager, interviewed Nurse Tricia Culverhouse in this 3/25/20 podcast on Soundcloud >

Watch on Youtube > 


Gaby Jimenez, Case and Transition Program Manager, interviewed Dr. Erin Barzilay in this 4/2/20 podcast on SoundCloud >

Watch on Youtube >

More info:

Corpsmembers can continue to submit questions to the Corps at

Everyone is invited to download and share the 2020 Community Resources Guide compiled by our Corpsmember Development team online at