Corpsmember experiences in the Energy Pathway Powered by Edison include:

Energy Audits

Through our new partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Corpsmembers will collect Energy Opportunity Surveys within school buildings and analyze the results in order to make recommendations on how to save energy. This energy industry workforce development and conservation service not only creates employment opportunities for our young people, but also benefits the public by helping schools to reduce energy consumption which in turn saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Panel Installation

Corpsmembers conduct residential and commercial solar panel installations. The Corps installed the first solar panels for County of Los Angeles Parks, completed installations at CBS Studios, and worked with our partners at GRID Alternatives on numerous residential installs. In addition to learning solar panel installation essentials, these projects provide Corpsmembers with invaluable roofing and electrical training.


We would like to recognize our friends who are generously supporting the Energy Career Pathway. Their financial support will provide the trainings, certification completions, and professional development that Corpsmembers rely on to succeed in this industry. Thank you for making it possible for us to provide these opportunities to our Corpsmembers!