Get to Know Us

“I’ve learned a lot at the Corps already: responsibility, team work, taking initiative, and that sometimes you have to carry the whole team on your back. You have to put in 100% effort.” – Ka’Jane, Corpsmember

“I’d like to tell a lot of young people to join the Corps. It will help you change.” – Diego, Corpsmember

“Now I can repay the community by doing something to help out people with the Corps. I like what we do and I feel like I’m making a difference.” – Anthony, Corpsmember

“When I look back, I wasn’t going anywhere good,” Valerie shares. “I didn’t have any role models in my life to look up to. The Corps has been like a family to me and helped me to mature.  Now I feel like I am part of something special.” – Valerie, Corpsmember

“Every day I am thankful that the LA Corps gave me a fair chance to start a new life!” – Damontre, Corpsmember

“The Corps really helped me build up my leadership abilities. Looking back, it impacted me in so many ways. And it has helped so many young people. Who knows what their situation would have been without the Corps. – Jasmin, Alumnae Corpsmember