Happy Earth Month!

Dear Friends,

When the word conservation is in the name of your organization then naturally people are going to ask you, “How are you celebrating Earth Day?”

Of course, we love to hear from partners and friends who want to be more intentional about the footprint they leave on our planet and who are ready to start that journey this time of year. But honestly it is our goal to make everyday Earth Day at the Corps.

I often say that the common denominator in all the projects that Corpsmembers tackle is that they are outside. What makes them unique is the variety of environments, landscapes and conditions that crews encounter. Corpsmembers who work on a trail maintenance project in Angeles National Forest may have never spent any time in the wilderness. Those who do remediation work on the LA River may learn amazing new facts about the urban water cycle.

This variety of experiences and encounters is what I hope for every Corpsmember. So, this week, I invite you to enjoy these images of the variety of landscapes Corpsmembers have encountered in the past few months.

I hope you can get out and explore a new environment, too.

In Service and Gratitude,

Wendy Butts