Time to Choose Your Path!

Dear Friends,

 “I’m built from everything that was meant to break me, and I won’t settle foranything less than what I’m striving for.” Corpsmember Dulce

Dear Friends,

What are you built from?

After a year of such profound heartbreak and struggle, many of us may feel just likeDulce and are getting stronger with every obstacle put in our way. Others of us maybe hurting, so we can look to young voices and borrow a bit of her courage anddetermination.

At the Corps, we definitely draw passion and purpose from the voices of ourCorpsmembers. Their determination inspires us to never give up, to learn from everyset back and build back stronger every time we stumble or fall.

Over these last few weeks, Corpsmember have accomplished amazing things forthemselves and for their communities. They delivered food to food banks. They caredfor animals displaced by wildfires. They planted hundreds of trees to bring shade todisadvantaged neighborhoods. They collected recyclables, cleaned up litter, andremoved brush to make our world cleaner and healthier for everyone.

 Each one of them is on their own path here at the Corps, and they each have adifferent destination in mind. They have so many choices to make depending onwhere they started their journey. Our job is to meet them where they are when theyjoin us and offer as many opportunities as we can. 

Today, I am looking forward with hope, but I am looking at a long road ahead. As acountry and as a Corps we are still facing tremendous challenges and we have a longway to go to build back up to where we were before.

As always, I ask you to join us on this road to recovery, but today I’m asking you toChoose Your Path and engage in a fun and active campaign for the Corps! 

We are asking: What can you commit to do for the rest of the month?

Let’s go for a hike, a walk, a bike ride, a paddle, a run, a swim – on our own – for theCorps! You get to challenge yourself to enjoy safe activities outside AND help buildup our young people, so they can choose the best path for their future.

Need some ideas?

Click the link below to Start Fundraising and Set an Activity Goal, a FundraisingGoal, and ask your friends and family to support your efforts. Then get outside andstart traveling your chosen path!

We need your help today to keep offering young people like Dulce a place channeltheir strength into achieving their goals.

Join the Challenge and Choose Your Path today!

Yours in service and gratitude,

Wendy Butts
CEO, LA Conservation Corps