The Power of Gratitude

Dear Friends,

 In case we don’t ask enough, how are you doing?

Last week, we kicked off a meeting of the senior management team with that simplequestion. The answers we got, though, were anything but simple.

Tired. Anxious. Stressed. Cautious. Sad.

Those all sound reasonable given everything we’ve been facing together. But youknow what else everyone said? 


These people floor me. Some days I just don’t know where they get their strength,and this resilient spirit. But I am sure glad they have it, and that we can lean on eachother.

That is what we are all trying to do right now, isn’t it? We must find strength wherewe can and give out as much gratitude as we can muster.

So, this week I want to show our gratitude to everyone who has stuck with the Corpsthis year. When Corpsmembers answered the call to help the community, youanswered the call to stand by them. When you learned of our need for PPE andsupplies, you got them to us. Your grants and gifts to keep our programs running havegiven us hope and lifted our spirits. Thank you! 

Compton Site Director Carlos Campero having some fun raffling off a turkey donated by LA CountySupervisor Hilda Solis to one of our Corpsmembers. 

This week we are particularly grateful to two institutions who are standing by us as we enter this new season. First, we are honored and grateful to announce that the Corps was chosen by Bank of America for a 2020 Neighborhood Builder Award. This investment in our leadership and the heart of our organization is helping to illuminate our path in the year ahead.

Second, we want to thank Amazon for spreading some joy by sponsoring our Corpsmember Holiday celebrations. Even though we can’t gather all together for our traditional Thanksgiving meal, we were able to show our Corpsmembers how grateful we are to them with help to buy groceries for their families. 

These are just two of the amazing gifts the Corps has been given this year. Indulgeme as I list out below everyone who has given so far this year and offer my sincerestthanks. We need you this year more than ever, and you keep us strong.

Yours in service and gratitude,

Wendy Butts
CEO, LA Conservation Corps