Happy Holidays

Dear Friends,

‘Twas the Tuesday before Christmas and all through the Corps

Crews were pulling together to achieve even more…

Forgive the silliness, poetry isn’t our strong suit here. But, as I have been sharing

with you since the pandemic hit home, teamwork is what we do best. I’ll admit it has

been a struggle, and our hearts break for everyone who is suffering right now. In fact,

I believe it is that care and empathy for our fellow Angelenos that has kept us going

and taking on new challenges.

For example, we recently sent crews to work with Pallet Shelter to begin building

new housing solutions for our community members experiencing homelessness.

We’ve expanded our nursery operations at the new Commonwealth Nursery in

Griffith Park in partnership with the City of Los Angeles.

We’ve continued to send crews to San Jose to work with another Corps on food

distribution to those displaced by recent wildfires.

We’ve continued our own food waste recycling partnership in the San Fernando

Valley with MEND – Meet Each Need with Dignity.

We’ve been rehabbing the Redondo Beach Bluffs and restoring native plants to

encourage endangered wildlife to return to this stretch of shoreline.

We’ve been cleaning along the LA River bike path to ensure safe and healthy outdoor activity for all.

It’s true that the holidays in Los Angeles have always looked a little different than anywhere else in the world. Santa Ana winds and sunny Christmas Days may seem strange to others, but for all of us it’s normal.

Of course, this year won’t be normal. Not for you or me and certainly not for our Corpsmembers. Just like us, they are worried about their parents and their children. They are worried about being able to pay the bills or make plans for their future.

Corpsmembers have been striving to reach their own milestones including moving onto to new jobs with the US Postal Service, a number of construction companies, and California State Parks to name a few.

So, as some of us settle in for a long winter’s nap – and I truly wish you all some peaceful rest and rejuvenation in a safe and happy space – I ask you to remember those who are trying their best to bring those sugarplum dreams to life for themselves and their loved ones.

Thank you for sustaining our hope this year.

Yours in service and gratitude,

Wendy Butts
CEO, LA Conservation Corps