Meet 2024 Annual Luncheon Speakers Teresa Rogel and Cameron Clark

One of our most treasured Luncheon traditions is hearing from Corpsmembers, past and present, about their experiences at the Corps. At this year’s Luncheon, we will hear from two extraordinary young adults who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of the programs, trainings, and opportunities we provide. Read their stories below!

Corpsmember Alumni Teresa Rogel

Teresa Rogel

Teresa’s story is one of triumph and self-determination. Teresa faced a number of struggles growing up in Los Angeles including homelessness. Teresa’s brother was a Corpsmember and encouraged her to give the Corps a try. She was nervous at first, being a woman in a field that historically has been male-dominated, but she quickly found out there were other women at the Corps ready to welcome her with open arms.

Since Teresa became a Corpsmember over a year ago, she has received a number of certifications. She often likes to joke that she’s the “most certified person at the Corps”. These certifications have helped her earn consecutive promotions, first to Corpsmember Driver and then to Maintenance Worker. Teresa’s story is a reminder of the transformative work we do here at the Corps.

Corpsmember Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark

Cameron is a Corpsmember at our Compton Site, but he’s also a dad. Cameron grew up in Watts just off of Compton Avenue. Cameron worked a number of different construction jobs to support his family until he discovered the Corps through his friend Shaquille. He was surprised to find out just how much opportunity there is at the Corps. He told us that at his previous jobs, he would have been lucky to get one certification, but here at the Corps, he has earned “at least five”.

The trainings and experiences that Cameron has had here at the Corps have improved his confidence and are helping him find a meaningful career. He’s setting up a great future for him and his daughter. We are so proud of Cameron, and we are happy to help him achieve his goals.