At the Corps, we know that it takes more than just providing our Corpsmembers with work skills training in order for them to succeed.

This is why we make a promise to every Corpsmember that if they work hard on the job and meet us halfway we will do all we can to ensure that their life outside of work is setting them up for success. Our Corpsmember Development team works hard to provide a wide range of services – from Case Management to Transition Services – that remove barriers in each Corpsmembers life and help them connect their experience in the Corps to a Green Career Pathway and a future career-track education or job.

Corpsmember Support Services

Each Corpsmember receives case management and life skills advising to ensure their success. LCSW and MSW case workers, and MSW interns provide counseling and referrals for housing, mental health, healthcare, legal issues and child care.

College & Career Transitional Services

Corpsmembers receive academic advising through the Corps while they are enrolled in the program, even while in college, and can always return for more assistance as program alumni.

Corpsmembers can also receive assistance transitioning to well-paying jobs including resume development, interview prep and introduction to employers. We provide life skills education including driver’s education, financial literacy and time management. Corpsmembers leave our program prepared for post-secondary education and for the working world.

Scholarship & Awards Programs

We offer scholarships to Corpsmembers for their post-secondary education. These scholarships are raised through private contributions from foundation, corporate and individual donors each year. The Corps has awarded $2 Million dollars in scholarships over the past three decades.