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Who We Are

The SEA Lab is a program of the LA Conservation Corps. Our SEA Lab team delivers free and low-cost marine science and conservation education and outreach programs in a fun and interactive way for children throughout the community.

Signature SEA Lab projects and services include:

  • a public aquarium and marine-life rehabilitation in Redondo Beach,
  • coastal habitat restoration projects,
  • a native plant nursery,
  • the Traveling Tidepool environmental outreach program,
  • beach clean-ups and community volunteer events,
  • and so much more!



Watch a SEA Lab Corpsmember teach our friends from Charity Pants how we work with volunteers to restore the Redondo Beach Bluffs.

For more than two decades, the SEA Lab has
broadened the minds and imaginations of thousands
of young Corpsmembers and kids

who care about marine life and conservation. 

You Can Help Our Corpsmembers & the SEA Lab.

 Any Contribution Helps.


Listen In

Listen to our latest podcast coverage of the SEA Lab on The South Bay Show, where the hosts talk to the LA Corps’ Maria Madrigal and Adrianne Calbreath about how the SEA Lab has recently developed several new programs for the public, including the Nature Art Series and Badge Series.

What We Do

Since 1997, the SEA Lab has rigorously trained and employed under-served youth, ages 18-24, to lead invaluable education and outreach programs for school-aged children throughout Southern California. Our educational offerings are delivered in a variety of ways.

Why is the SEA Lab Important?

The SEA Lab is a treasured resource to the animals, the community, and most importantly, to the young people we serve.

We care for and provide homes and habitats for more than 1,000 fish and other marine life that are native to the California coastal environment.

Over our 20-year history, we’ve educated more than 230,000 students. The marine science curriculum our Corpsmembers and staff provide fulfills educational science standards. As a locally loved attraction, many South Bay residents have shared that coming to the SEA Lab has been an eye-opening, fun, informative and educational experience. Visitors appreciate our Corpsmembers’ level of knowledge, friendliness, and excitement when leading tours and other educational offerings.

“SEA Lab is a gem in Redondo. As a marine biology teacher in Lennox, I appreciate all they have done to assist me and my students for years.” – Mark Friedman, Teacher

The young people we serve receive hands-on job training and work experience that helps to change their lives. Not only do they learn basic aquarist and operational skills, but Corpsmembers build their confidence, learn the importance of teamwork, improve their work ethic, find a place where they belong, and more.

“The SEA Lab helped me develop life skills I never knew I had within me. It gave me the opportunity to break barriers of what I thought I could never learn.” – Cynthia Carmolinga, Former Corpsmember