Sidewalk Repair Crew

Did you know that we do sidewalk repairs? Watch the video below to learn more about our sidewalk repair crew. 

Corpsmembers working with our sidewalk repair crew are being prepared for a wide array of jobs in the concrete industry. They’re learning the whole process from start to finish: how to demolish the concrete, set up molds, pour the concrete, and finish the sidewalk. We’re proud to provide this essential service to the community and grateful that we can prepare our Corpsmembers for good-paying jobs along the way.

LA2050 Helping to Keep Compton Creek Natural Park Open on the Weekends

Thanks to LA2050 and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, we’re able to keep Compton Creek Natural Park green, beautiful, and open on the weekends. ​​​​​​

Carlos Campero, our Compton Site Director, had this to say about Compton Creek Natural Park, “by providing a safe and secure park that locals can call their own and feel proud of, we are creating a community space that is unique. We are the only local native park in the community.” The park provides a one-of-a-kind space in the Compton area and we couldn’t be more grateful that LA2050 is helping to keep this space a reality. Click here to watch the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation announce its 2022 grantees.
Visit to donate and learn more about Compton Creek Natural Park.

Press Conference with Pacoima Beautiful

We’re planting trees in Pacoima and Sun Valley in collaboration with Pacoima Beautiful! These trees will help reduce our carbon footprint and expand the urban tree canopy. If you live in the area and would like a tree planted in front of your home, please visit: ​​​​​​​