Support Our Corpsmembers as They Take Their Next Steps

Please consider making a donation to our Transition Support Fund. Your contribution provides vital resources for Corpsmembers as they take the next step in their future careers. This includes funding for trainings to help Corpsmembers pass entry exams for County jobs, required equipment for Corpsmembers beginning careers with California State Parks or the National Park Service, and essential uniform items for various green positions. Many of our Corpsmembers face financial barriers to these and other job ready requirements, and it’s our top priority to remove these obstacles and empower them for success. 

If you attended our 2023 Spring Luncheon, you had the opportunity to hear from two incredibly inspiring Corpsmembers, Italo Merino and Letty Torres. Now, three months later, we’re excited to share that these Corpsmembers are taking their next steps as they complete the Young Adult Corps program!

If you’re passionate about supporting Corpsmembers like Letty and Italo in achieving their dreams, please consider watching their testimonies below and making a contribution to our Transition Support Fund. You can click here to donate!

Italo has just started his first classes at Santa Monica College, where he’s working towards his dream of becoming an immigration or labor law attorney.  He is working as a Corpsmember Driver during the day and taking afternoon and evening classes at SMC.  Besides Italo’s incredible work ethic and determination to succeed, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to doing what’s right. This is a significant reason why he found fulfillment in the work he did with the Corps and why he has chosen to pursue a future dedicated to “helping the communities I care about, just like I do with the Corps.” Watch Italo’s update from Santa Monica College by clicking the link here!

Letty is actively preparing for her future beyond the Corps. She has been attending our Resume Building Workshops and recently spoke at our Coffee Talk with prospective employers in the Green Economy. Through these workshops, Letty is gaining clarity about her own next steps. Our Corpsmembers have numerous options for future careers, and these workshops play a pivotal role in helping them find the best fit for themselves. Letty shared that she feels like, “if I had never joined the Corps, I think I would’ve been lost, but now I feel like I’ve been found.” We are thrilled that Letty has discovered her sense of purpose here at the Corps, and we eagerly anticipate the promising future that lies ahead for her! Watch Letty’s update by clicking the link here!

Your support is incredibly important for Corpsmembers like Letty and Italo who are taking their next steps and completing our program. These Corpsmembers deserve fulfilling careers and equitable access to training, education, and job opportunities. Your generosity today paves the way for their success tomorrow.