Weekly CEO Message 4/3/20

Hello Friends,

Three weeks ago, we started holding a conference call every morning with all of our program managers and coordinators to make sure we are communicating more than ever in these constantly changing times.

At the end of each call, I’ve been inviting different staff to offer a morning motivation to us all, and this week one of our directors offered this:

“Although everything around us seems overwhelming, remind yourself why you do what you do. We’re all here because what we do matters. Who we help, who we mentor, who we are matters. Be the best version of you possible. When you shine, we all shine.  We’re in it together.”

In the last week, the Corps answered many calls to serve:

  • Corpsmembers helped the West Valley Food Pantry sort and box donations;
  • Corpsmembers delivered boxes of prepared meals and fresh vegetables from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to dozens of senior citizens in Council Districts 4 and 10;
  • Corpsmembers kept the community healthy by hauling away thousands of pounds of trash from streets throughout the city;
  • Staff created a comprehensive resource guide to help our Corpsmembers, colleagues, and families quickly identify additional support in these uncertain times; and
  • We asked to medical and mental health experts to answer Corpsmembers’ questions about staying safe and strong in our new podcast series.

We will be here next week to answer more calls. We will be the best version of the Corps that we can be. We will hold each other up, and we will hold you up if you need us. We will shine together.

We are so grateful for everyone who stands with the Corps. Stay safe and healthy.

Yours in service and gratitude,
Wendy Butts
Chief Executive Officer
LA Conservation Corps

The LA Conservation Corps is an environmentally focused youth development organization. We unleash the power of youth to preserve our natural resources and beautify our urban environments. Corpsmembers make Los Angeles’ under-served urban neighborhoods better places to live, work, learn and play. In the course of restoring the environment and serving their communities, youth are empowered to chart their own courses toward rising out of poverty.

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