Why the Corps Matters

Inspired by the Civilian Conservation Corps that gave work and dignity to millions of young men during the Great Depression, the LA Conservation Corps was founded to provide work and education as pathways out of poverty for young adults from disadvantaged communities. Just as the CCC public work relief program planted three billion trees, built trails, and shaped the national park system we know today, the Corps plants trees, builds parks, and beautifies neighborhoods to benefit underserved communities.

LA Conservation Corps is part of a tradition of service and transforming lives through work, education, and environmental stewardship.

One out of four young adults (16-24) in Los Angeles County are out of work or out of school (Measure of America).

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s 2020 high school graduation rate was 87% (California Department of Education), but those who graduate are not all adequately prepared for college or careers.

Employers are concerned about closing the “middle skills gap,” which is knowledge above a high school level but does not require a four-year degree.

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LA Conservation Corps provides paid work experience, secondary education completion, and job-focused skills training for in-demand jobs in growing green sectors.