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Monthly Corpsmember Success Stories

Suri Ramirez

Suri recently graduated from California Healing Arts College! Suri attended a medical assistant program and completed a 160-hour internship. Her favorite experience in the program was when she was learning how to venipuncture for the first time. Suri mentioned that she was glad she wasn’t grossed out doing this procedure. She also enjoyed learning how to check vitals and blood pressure. Currently, Suri is applying to various hospitals. Congratulations Suri!

Teresa Rogel

Teresa has been an exceptional during her time with the Corps! In less than a year, she became a Corpsmember Driver! Her attention to detail, flexibility and ability to adapt to new work environments made her a standout and the easy choice for the Administrative Assistance position at ELA. When she is not on the field, Teresa provides administrative assistance to the work department. In addition, Teresa cares about her fellow ELA peers and is always willing to help them out by connecting them to resources or to staff that can assist them with any issues they may have. She has participated in multiple trainings and has been certified for Forklift, 32-Hour Asbestos, Lead RRP, 16-Hour Mold, Hazwoper and S212 Chainsaw. We expect great things from Teresa and look forward to seeing everything she will accomplish.

Maribell Mendoza

Maribell was an active an reliable participant in the Traveling Tidepool Program where she helped teach kids of the After School Program about sea life and the importance of keeping our oceans clean. While with the Corps, Maribell also completed her forklift training with the Corps and went in the Women in Wilderness 8-day backpacking trip! She has transitioned into employment at the Carbrillo Marine Aquarium. Way to go, Maribel!

Teresa Robles & Rachel Medina

Teresa (Left) and Rachel (Middle) have had their barriers to overcome, but they are now LA Corps super stars! They have taken full advantage of the opportunity to get outside of their bubble to explore new environments. Here they are participating in Women in the Wilderness. Women in the Wilderness took place over one week. Corpsmembers participated in hiking, camping, clearing trails and doing conservation work in the beautiful eastern sierras. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Magallon

Daniel is an East Valley Corpsmember who has accomplished quite a lot during his time at the Corps. He recently participated in S-212 Chainsaw training as part of the Workforce Accelerator Tree Academy program and obtained his chainsaw certification. He has also earned his First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10, and Work Readiness certifications. Has was promoted to a Phase 2 Corpsmember, has participated in Tree Pruning and Urban Forestry Training, and obtained his Driver’s License. Daniel applied to the Local 761 Union and was recently accepted to join their apprenticeship program. Daniel has demonstrated exceptional personal and professional development. Upon transitioning out of the Corps and into the apprenticeship program, Daniel will be receiving a Transition Support Fund award to ensure that he has the tools and equipment necessary to be successful. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Daniel. We are all very proud of you!!


“Join the Corps! It will change the way you see the world.”

That’s the best advice Corpsmember Anthony can give to young adults out there looking for their next step. After almost two years at the Corps, not only has Anthony’s view of the world changed, but he has also changed how he views himself.

Anthony, 20, joined the Corps at the suggestion of his brother who was also a Corpsmember. But he had all his family on his mind when he signed up. “I wanted to help my parents. My stepdad was the only one working in our household and I felt it was my responsibility.”

And while the wages he has earned in the program have been a huge help, the technical and life skills have meant just as much. He has worked on a variety of projects and is now tackling an administrative job at one of our sites.

“The Corps helped me take off my shyness,” he shares as he thinks about what comes after the Corps. “Who wouldn’t like someone who is confident.” Anthony has been practicing his networking skills as he gets ready to go back to school.

Last summer, Anthony and several other members of his household contracted COVID-19. It was a particularly stressful time as he struggled to keep it away from his younger sister who is immunocompromised. Anthony recovered and his sister stayed healthy, and the experience has strengthened his positive attitude and pursuit of his goals. This winter, he learned that two of his aunts had passed away, but his grief is tempered by his determination.

“Always have a goal. It’s going to drive you every day to go to work.”

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