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Dreaming of a Job? Earning your Diploma? Training for a Career?

If you are between the ages of 18-26, you can join the Corps! We can help you earn your high school diploma if you don’t have one yet, get career certifications, explore job opportunities, and identify the career path that is right for you all while strengthening your finances and getting support with whatever has been standing in your way to success.

Joining the
Corps Means:

As a Corpsmember you can explore careers in Conservation, Energy, Construction, or build skills that will help you in chosen career path.

You will do work that changes the community – planting trees, building wilderness trails and urban parks, restoring natural habitats, removing litter and improving the quality of life for your neighborhood.

You will also have access to personal support and be able to create a plan for your success that includes academic support, counseling, access to certifications and vocational trainings, legal services, access to scholarships, and much more.

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