Young Adult Corps

You: What is the Corps?
Corpsmember Joaquin:The Corps is Home.”

Every year, hundreds of other young adults like Joaquin join us with hopes of getting a job, training for a career, or finishing their high school education, but what they end up finding is a home. The Corps is a place to build confidence, learn to trust yourself and others, become comfortable working with a team, and to help your community build the resilience to stand up to all of the challenges coming along due to climate change

Maybe you feel like you don’t have a support system to help you figure out your next steps. Maybe you’re a young parent trying to find a more meaningful way to support your own family. Maybe you have recently transitioned out of the foster care system or are reentering society after incarceration. Maybe traditional school settings never worked well for you, but you want to finish high school and explore more educational and training opportunities. Maybe you just aren’t sure what you want to do next but working outside for the benefit of your neighbors and the environment sounds like a really good place to start.

Whatever the reason, the Corps has that helping hand or that second chance you might want.

The Corps’ goal is to help out-of-work and out-of-school young adults get paid work experience, job skills, and if needed, finish their high school education, so you can get a meaningful next job that pays family-sustaining wages, provides healthcare benefits, and offer career ladders.

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Paid work experience is the platform for job skills training, teaching values, and helping Corpsmembers support their families. Work includes conservation projects that benefit the environment and service-learning projects that benefit the community like:

  • Urban forestry
  • Community Beautification and Neighborhood Quality of Life Improvements
  • Recycling and Zero Waste Education
  • Wildfire Prevention and Recovery
  • Food Security
  • Parks and Outdoor Recreation Development

Your work with the Corps will change your life and the lives of many generations to come!


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